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ISSUE 5/2015

Remaining active. Nothing less.

Did you know that ... ?

  • Third period of life may be the nicest period in your life?
  • Nowadays a person at the 70 is more agile than person at the age 45 half a century ago?
  • Intellectual abilities are aging at a slower pace?
  • Dementia can be avoided by regular activities?
  • Although ageing is experienced as something that begins at forty or just never - the truth is that ageing process begins with the birth?
  • The lack of social and emotional contacts is one of the biggest problems for the elderly?
  • National policies are increasingly paying attention to the elderly?
  • There are many educational, physical and social activities in your local environments that are attractive and beneficial to you?
  • The Internet is a great source of information and can enable you social contacts?
  • More and more old people are becoming increasingly active in very different fields?
  • PPS project offers you a free participation in attractive educational programs?


PPS Face to Face program implementations in partner countries

PPS partners are proud to announce that the activities in pilot implementation of Face to Face program for active ageing are being delivered with big success. All partners have started with their groups of participants, providing them with new knowledge on the field of active ageing. So far, we received only positive feedbacks from our included seniors, so we strongly believe that our prepared program for supporting active ageing has hit the spot, as they say.

Public University of Ptuj started with pilot in October 2015. After successful dissemination of PPS possibilities to local public, we gathered the group of 15 participants that enrolled into 30 hours class, mentored by trained Slovenian Peers Slava Šarc and Renata Horvat. Participants are currently at the end of program, with final activities in the module Using technologies. University for medical sciences Poznan have included 15 seniors in pilot which started in September 2015. The same goes for partners from France, GRETA du Velay, which are also finishing their implementation.

The Austrian partner, Die Berater, have already finished their pilot, which proved to be very successful and well recognized. In Denmark, partner Aarhus Social and Health care College, are piloting 15 participants and will be finished until the end of the year.

UPUA (Permanent University of Alicante) will start Face to Face 14th December 2015. There are 14 sessions planned till the end of February. It is intended that more than 30 participants will enrol in the activities prepared by the peers that will also be implemented by E-training.

More on pilots in partner countries will follow in the overall report.

You can also check our FB page for photos from the sessions.


PPS Dissemination activities

The project partners continue to work hard on dissemination of project results and possibilities. In this sence partners have participated in many different national and international events where there was opportunity for spreading the word about our efforts on  the field of active ageing.

We attended the professional consultation of the project AHA.SI (Active and healthy ageing in Slovenia) on the topic ''Population ageing - How to choose effective measures''. Introductory speech had the Minister of labour, family, social affairs and equal opportunities mrs. Anja Kopač Mrak and Minister for health mrs. Milojka Kolar Celarc.

PPS partners also appeared at the EPALE conference in Manchester, which took place on 30th of November 2015. It has brought together digital experts, policy makers, and providers who deliver adult learning in the UK to discuss the strategies that make digital learning work. With a mixture of practical and thought-provoking workshop sessions, this interactive conference provided an opportunity to share best practice, case studies and innovative approaches to digital learning.

Danish partners had attended the 24th Annual International Conference of EfVET, held in Paphos, Cypres – October 21st – 24th 2015, were they distributed around 200 PPS flyers amongst participants.

In Austria, Die Berater already finished with piloting of Face-to-Face program. The series of seminars has been a success in terms of satisfaction of participants, and the computer course could be even widened in duration and topics. From feedback we know there were some very precise critical issues that should be taken in consideration in future: Assure for a big projection of presentations at the wall, speak loudly and slowly, try to avoid too much of specific English terminology respectively translate or provide a glossary.

Details of the individual events and conferences can be found on our FB page.

Promotional information about PPS activities could also be found in our new promo PPS flyer here.

How can you join?

Peer to Peer Support Fostering Active Ageing - PPS (2014-2016) project partners have developed a modular training program to promote active aging in two forms: the first is devoted to classical teaching ("face to face") and lasts for 30 hours the other will be prepared in the form of e- classroom and distance learning (in the form of 5 training modules).

Both programs will be available to participants and to the interested public free of charge.

If you are interested in participation in active ageing education, we kindly invite you to join us! Welcome!

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