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ISSUE 7/2016

Remaining active. Nothing less.

Peer to Peer Support Fosterig Active Ageing official video 2

Partners in the project PPS are proudly announcing, that a promotional video number 2, about active ageing and options for participating in the program, has been published on our website on 9th of March 2016. The video has been prepared jointly by all partners and is translated into all six languages.

You can watch our video on our website:

Workshop for future mentors Peer to peer

In the purpuse of offering the program and its activities to the widest possible range of users, the project partners in Slovenia organized two workshops for potential mentors in April who will be in the role of PPS peers and will share their knowledge and skills to other seniors.

The workshop in Ormož took place on 1st of April 2016 and had 13 potential, future mentor participants, which will be included in the 45 hour training program for mentors. Within this program they will be trained to work with smaller groups and to work in a virtual environment. The workshop in Ptuj took place on 18.04.2016 and had 15 potencial, future mentors participants that expressed their willingness to participate in PPS teaching activities.

PPS Face to Face program implementations in partner countries

Public university Ptuj started the pilot implementation of the program in October 2015. After the successful dissemination of possibilities offered in the project PPS, we gathered a group of 15 participants who were included in the 30-hour program. They all successfully completed the program in December 2015.

This also applies to partners from France: Greta du Velay, Austrian partners: Die Berater, University of Health Sciences: Poznan and Danish partner: Aarhus Social and Helath Care College, who all included 15 participants into their pilot survey and also successfully completed the program.

UPUA (Permanent Universty of Alicante) started the program Face to face in December 2015. It has been completed in February 2016.

We are also proud to announce the opening of the e-learning portal PPS, that we started on February. Since now it has been viewed and also used by a large number of older people from all partner countries (more than 180 registered users in 2 months).

PPS Dissemination activities

All project partners continually expand the results of the project and are informing people about its options. We also try hard to expand the word about the efforts made in the field of active ageing.

In this purpose, the UPUA Universidad Permanente de la Universidad de Alicante published an extensive report in the “Informational newspaper of Alicante, The seniors1” about the project PPS and participants activities in the “Face to Face” program.

Public University of Ptuj has published an article about active ageing in a special edition of newspaper “Štajerski tednik” and also in “Večer”. The articles are dedicated to seniors and active ageing.

We have also posted an e-learning questionnaire on our FB page, in which we asked the participants about satisfaction with the activities included in the PPS program. Because we received only positive answers from the participants involved, we are sure that the program is good and, most importantly, usable.

Final conference of the project PPS

We will complete the project activities in September 2016. In the meantime we are preparing an international conference, which will take place on 22th June 2016 in Ptuj. All partners of the project will attend the confence and introduce the results and achievements of the project. We will notify you about all activities in this matter.

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Project PPS is co-funded by the European Union.